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Commercial Vehicle Loan

Commercial Vehicle Loan - Process Financing is a key factor to make your business a success. Whether you need new or commercial or used vehicle, a good loan is important to meet your working capital needs and help your business flourish. Be it trucks, buses, tankers, tempo or any other small or big commercial vehicle, you will need a right kind of commercial loan to meet your needs with ease.   

The market is full of commercial vehicle loans and their providers and you need to select the best from the lot. To select the most suitable commercial vehicle loan, you need details and information of all the loans available currently in the market. After all, you need a loan that has simplest of possible documentation process and which gets approved in shortest possible time.

At, you get an opportunity to search, compare and select from a variety of commercial vehicle loans to get the best product. Get quotes and prices from top loan providers. Compare benefits, repayment terms, loan amount, EMI and lot of other factors and get the maximum amount at lowest possible repayment amount.

Commercial Vehicle Loan - Rate

MyLoanBazar.Com provides customized financial solutions through a single window for all your Heavy Commercial Vehicle business needs through the entire range of heavy commercial vehicles starting from truck to trailer with maximum no of available option to choose the loan type that suit your business requirements. 

Our team help you to choose best finance options to purchase the Buses, Trucks, Trailers, Customized Trailers & Truck, Tankers, Tippers, Transit mixers etc 

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Competitive ROI :- Our team of experts compares & offers you the best available rates and charges.

Transparency :- We promise to give to the complete clarity on process of your loan applications, About the applicable charges, & proper update on status of loan application.

Commercial Vehicle Loan → Compare

Want to get the best commercial vehicle loan? Visit   and choose from variety of loan products. Compare vehicle loans offered by some of the foremost banks and institutions and choose the best from the lot. Our portal gives you a complete detail about commercial vehicle loans, about interest rates, about repayment amount or EMI and lot more.

With us, your vehicle financing becomes as easy as you wish because we give you the option of exploring and analyzing the best of loans and their providers. You will find quotes from different banks and you will know about benefits, terms, loan documentation process, fees, EMI structure and lot more. So, visit us and compare from commercial vehicle loans to get the best product for your needs.


Commercial Vehicle Loan - Interest Rates

Auto Loan Interest rates 

The Financial market in India has come up with a number of auto loan packages offered by the Banks in India. Due to the presence of varied number of banks available in India, the financial market is housed with a number of auto loan options, followed by a variation in the interest rate.

Commercial Vehicle Loan - Eligibility Criteria

Auto Loan's Eligibility Criteria

By the passage of time the automobiles have become an integral part of our lives. In the present day scenario they act more like a need than a desire. Thus, keeping this factor in mind the Indian Banks have come up with the Auto Loan Policy fulfilling the dreams of many. Like the other loan Schemes in India, the auto loan policy follows certain criteria. The criteria followed by the Auto loan Policy is as follows:

-The minimum per annum income level of the applicant may vary from 1 lac to 2 lac depending on the model of the car for which you are taking loan.

-A minimum 2 year cumulative experience is required for the employed applicants and 3 years cumulative experience is required for the self employed applicants.

-The minimum age required for an auto loan applicant to apply is 21 years, whereas the maximum age applicable at the maturity of the loan is 58 years.

Commercial Vehicle Loan - EMI

EMI is the amount of money to be paid every month for the settlement of your loan. The two factors on which the amount of EMI is determined includes the amount and duration of the loan. The EMI in India is considered as one of the easiest way to pay your loan back in small installments.

Commercial Vehicle Loan - Documents

Documents required for processing the loan applications for commercial vehicle loan

Kyc documents-

1 id proof

Copy of, passport / pan card / voter id card / driving license/ ration card / adhaar card

2 address proof

Copy of , passport/utility bill/voter id card / driving license/ ration card / adhaar card

3 age proof

Copy of, passport/ pan card/driving license/birth certificate/ration card

4 signature proof

Copy of, pan card/bank authorized letter

Financials documents-

1 4 photograph for applicant & co-applicant

2 company profile (history, background & growth) + director / partner / proprietor (background, 


3 latest list of director & shareholding pattern on letter head attested by ca

4 net worth statement of all director attested by ca

5 latest sale tax/service tax/ vat/cst/certificate of registration

6 copy of moa/aoa/partnership deed (as applicable)

7 copy of latest vat  of till date for latest financial year

8 copy of provisional balance sheet and profit & loss a/c

9 last 3 year, itr + computation of income + auditor’s report +profit & loss+ balance sheet with complete schedule

10 last 6 month bank statement of all running bank accounts of company

11 last 6 month bank statement of all running bank accounts of director / partner / proprietor.

Additional documents-

1 copy of sanction letter & amortization schedule of all running loan.

2 latest statement of account of all running loan

3 copy of loan closure letter / noc, if any loan closed in last 6 month.

4 copy of performa  invoice

Commercial Vehicle Loan - Process

The Auto Loan Process requires less documentation and paper work as compared to the other loans prevailing in India. Being one of the easiest ways to buy your dream car the process involved undergoes some simple steps taking 3 to 4 days max for the approval.

The Auto Loan Process involved is as follows:

-The first step involved is making enquiry with the bank considering the interest rate, EMI and eligibility criteria of the Auto loan schemes. 

-After being satisfied with your queries the next step involves the submission of the application along with the documents required.

-Similar to the other bank loans in India the documents submitted by the applicant are verified by the bank officials by making a visit to the respective places. 

-After completing all the required formalities the loan is approved by Bank

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