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Builder Loan

Do you want to open a business? More so, do you want to expand your existing business? And above all, do you want to sustain the day to day operations of your business? To meet all these requirements, you will need a business loan. Such a loan is available to any individual or entity to help them with their business. 

Business loan is an unsecured loan so it does not need any security or collateral or guarantor. Such loans are offered based on the sustainability and profitability of the business for which the loan is sought. Anyone who is capable of repayment is entitled to get a business loan sanctioned. It does not matter whether one has a small shop or run a big factory, anyone can apply for a business loan. 

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Builder loan is easy and simple to get if you meet the eligibility criteria set by banks and financial institutions. Any individual or entity can avail this loan to realize the dream of constructing home on own land.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for builder loan are:

    The most important criteria is repayment capacity  

    Proof of income, residence and age  

    Viability and feasibility of the construction project

    Clean credit history with no records of defaults 

    Security or collateral object, which in most cases is the piece of land upon which the construction is proposed 

Eligibility criteria differ from bank to bank and this list is not conclusive as you may need to fulfill more norms to get the loan.

Builder Loan → Documents

Documents required for processing the loan applications for Builder loan

Kyc documents-

1 id proof

Copy of, passport / pan card / voter id card / driving license/ ration card / adhaar card

2 address proof

Copy of , passport/utility bill/voter id card / driving license/ ration card / adhaar card

3 age proof

Copy of, passport/ pan card/driving license/birth certificate/ration card

4 signature proof

Copy of, pan card/bank authorized letter

Financials documents-

1 4 photograph for applicant & co-applicant

2 company profile (history, background & growth) + director / partner / proprietor (background, 


3 latest list of director & shareholding pattern on letter head attested by ca

4 net worth statement of all director attested by ca

5 latest sale tax/service tax/ vat/cst/certificate of registration

6 copy of moa/aoa/partnership deed (as applicable)

7 copy of latest vat  of till date for latest financial year

8 copy of provisional balance sheet and profit & loss a/c

9 last 3 year, itr + computation of income + auditor’s report +profit & loss+ balance sheet with complete schedule

10 last 6 month bank statement of all running bank accounts of company

11 last 6 month bank statement of all running bank accounts of director / partner / proprietor.

Property documents-

1 copy of property paper with complete back chain

2 copy of sanction plan

3.copy of latest house tax receipt

Additional documents-

1 copy of sanction letter & amortization schedule of all running loan.

2 latest statement of account of all running loan

3.copy of loan closure letter / noc, if any loan closed in last 6 month.

4.copy of detailed project report

Cash Flow Sheet As Mentioned Below-

General  Information

Sr No.  Type Of Information   Details

1       Name Of The Company


2       Project Name


3       Location


4       Type Of Project


5       Project Start Date


6       Expected Completion Date


7       Current Progress (% Completion)


8       Land Area


9       Fsi


10      Total Built Up Area (Sq Ft)


11      Total Saleable Area (Sq Ft)


Receivable Details

Sr No.  Type Of Information                            Details

1       Total Sales Expected From The Project (Sq Ft)


2       Area Sold Till Date (Sq Ft)


3       Total Sales Value Of Sold Area ( In Cr)


4       Amount Already Recd From Sold Area ( In Cr)


5       Unsold Area (Sq Ft)


6       Current Selling Rate Per Sft


Project Cost Details

Sr No.  Type Of Information    Details

1       Total Project  Cost (Including Land Cost)


2       Land Cost Incurred


3       Construction Cost Incurred


Loan Details

Sr No.   Type Of Information   Details

1        Loan Availed (Y/N)


2        Bank


3        Sanction Amount


4        Amount Disbursed


5        Outstanding Loan (Current In Cr)


6        Loan End Date


5.Details Of  Ongoing Projects-

Sr No.   Type Of Information   Details

1        Name Of The Company


2        Project Name


3        Location


4        Type Of Project


5        Project Start Date


6        Expected Completion Date


7        Current Progress (% Completion)


8        Land Area


9        Fsi


10      Total Built Up Area


11      Total Saleable Area ( Developer Share)


12      Total Sales Expected From The Project


13      Area Sold Till Date


14      Total Sales Value Of Sold Area


15      Amount Already Recd From Sold Area


16      Balance Receivables From Sold Area


17      Unsold Area


18     Expected Receivables From Unsold Area


19     Total Receivables From Sold And Unsold Area


20     Current Selling Rate Per Sft


21     Total Project  Cost (Including Land Cost)


22     Land Cost Incurred


23     Construction Cost Incurred


24     Balance Cost To Be Incurred


25     Loan Availed (Y/N)


26     Bank


27    Sanction Amount


28   Amount Disbursed


29   Outstanding Loan (Current)


30   Loan End Date

Builder LoanProcess


Builder loan is simple to get if you meet the eligibility criteria laid down by the banks and possess all the required documents. The loan involves a standard process or procedure which more or less remains similar with all banks or institutions.

Process/s involved with builder loan include:

    Formal submission of loan application with the bank

    Submission of all the documents required for the loan

    Verification of documents and information provided to the bank   

    Establishment of repayment capacity based on income, credit history etc.  

    Once the loan is sanctioned, a loan offer letter is issued detailing everything about the loan including term, interest rates etc. 

    Submission of the title document of the seller including NOC

    Property valuation for which the loan is sanctioned  

    Agreement signing and then loan disbursal either in phased manner or as finalized in the deal 


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